Our History


Garland Police Department formed (Grady McMahon named 1st Chief)


Robert Wade 3rd Chief


Jesse C. Youngblood 4th Chief


Chief Youngblood compresses Garland rank structure, eliminating Sgts. The structure we have today (Ofcr, Lt, Capt,ACP, and Chief).


Terry Hensley 5th Chief
(NST) Neighborhood Service Team formed
(SRO) School Resource Officer program formed


Larry Wilson 6th Chief


NST changed to current day NPO unit (Neighborhood Police Officers)
Sept 21, 1998 - While conducting routine traffic stop, Officer Ronnie Lerma was struck and killed by motorist on 635

UNK- 1999

(GPOA) GARLAND POLICE OFFICERS ASSOCIATION (unk- 1999)…During the GPOA's tenure the Gerald Walker Memorial Golf Tournament was formed and ran for approx 20 years. The GPOA was involved in several charitable events and worked to improve working conditions for Officers during that time.


(FOP) Fraternal Order of Police
President- Tony Godwin (1999-2005)
Executive Board
VP- Gary Steadman
2nd VP- Clint McNear
Secretary- Chris Hataway
Treasurer- James Sea-berry
Chaplin- Ron Chaney


President- James Seaberry
Executive Board
VP- J.J. Houzvicka
Treasurer- Denny Shane Korinek
Sgt at Arms- John Guthrie


President- John Guthrie


President- Kevin Mock
Executive Board
VP- Clint McNear
2nd VP- James Henderson
Secretary- Tim Franey
Treasurer- Denny Shane Korinek
Sgt at Arms- NONE
Chaplin- Walt Carter
Narcotics Unit disbanded
Gang Unit disbanded


President- Matt Rumatz
Executive Board
VP- Matt Woodlee
2nd VP- David Sicluna
Sgt at Arms- Marc Mendoza
Treasurer- Denny Shane Korinek
Secretary- Travis Betz
Chaplin- Kevin Murphy
Power Shift disbanded
12 hr. Shifts implemented in Patrol
K-9 reformed


Jeff Bryan becomes the 8th Chief (current)


Henry Ashley 2nd Chief


K-9 Unit established


SWAT formed

NOVEMBER 15, 1989

Officer Gerald Walker shot and killed making a traffic stop on suspect who had already killed 3 others. (1ST Garland officer to die in the line of duty) Honor Guard was formed in his memory.


Gang unit created

FEBRUARY 15, 1997

Officer Michael David Moore was killed attempting to stop a bank robbery.


The GPOA disbanded and became the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #68 (FOP) The FOP was instrumental in paving the way for the Officers Bill of Rights. Ten of thousands of dollars were raised and donated to members during family hardships and times of distress. The FOP's regular meeting with the Chief of Police began to bridge the gap between the Administration and rank and file. Officers Tony Godwin, James Seaberry, Gary Steadman, and Clint Mcnear (to name a few) level of success during the FOP years will never be forgotten.


Mitch Bates becomes 7th Chief


President- Kirk Pryor, Kirk stepped down, VP Guthrie becomes President


President- Tony Godwin…FOP transitioned to form GPA in 2010
Executive Board
VP- James Henderson
2nd VP- Mike Clark
Secretary- Chris Hataway
Treasurer- Clay Lacey
Sgt at Arms- Mark White
Chaplin- Ron Chaney


President- Lucas Schupe…Lucas stepped down towards the end of his term and Franey took over duties.
Executive Board
VP- Clint McNear
2nd VP- Dane Workman
Treasurer- Denny Shane Korinek
Sgt at Arms- Jared Weston
Secretary- Tim Franey
Chaplin- Gary Vann
Narcotics Unit reformed
K-9 disbanded


President- Matt Smith
Executive Board
VP- David Galvan
2nd VP- Trey Ashcroft
Sgt at Arms- Jason Lambert
Secretary- James Seaberry
Treasurer- Chad Stallings
Chaplin- Jason Mohler
GANG Unit reformed


GPA Board obtains "Patrol Assignment Pay" for members, marking the 1st Patrol based incentive received in history of the Department.


Chief Bryan initiated Intelligence Lead Policing, addresses busy summer months by employing other specialized Units to assist with call loads, and also forms DWI Unit.

The current Board has established positive relationships with not only the Administration, but has created vital relationships with City Staff, the City Attorney, the Council, the City Manager, and the Mayor.

Our Current Board has increased Comp/Vac banks for all City Employees. Workers Comp has been a constant focus as well as Officer's rights.

With the help of Council, 6 new positions and RSB were added to the Budget in 2017. In 2018, with the assistance of the Chief and City Council we witnessed pay raises, increased staffing, and the passage of Patrol Assignment Pay.